Black Cuillins  Skye Terriers from Saxony

About us

Dogs belong to my life, as far as I can think back. As a young man, my father had a German Shepherd, Ajax vom Ententeich. But as a dog for our family, he deemed the Skye Terrier the perfect breed for us. The breed for us was supposed to be something special, dignified, strong of character, quite easy to maintain.

In times without Google, my father got into contact with breeder Norbert Hahn, Berlin, kennel "vom Palast des silbergrauen Skye" and in March 1982 the first Skye female "Dusty vom Palast des silbergrauen Skye" became new member of our family.

Dusty vom Palast des silbergrauen Skye, 1982

1984, Constanze and A-litter "von Inverness"

In 1984, the first litter arrived at my father's kennel "von Inverness". More litters came, also the Skye Terriers "Hexe's Eveningstar" and "Hermine vom Schottenclan". When the  "Verband der Kleingärtner, Siedler und Kleintierzüchter (VKSK), Sparte Rauhaarige Terrier" (Association of Allotment holders, Settlers and Breeders of small animals, Section rough coated terriers) became part of the Klub für Terrier (KfT) e.V. von 1894 (Club for Terriers), we sadly had to learn that my father's kennel name had already been assigned to another breeder. But since in the 1990s breeding dogs did not belong to our family's top priorities, my father did not sign for another kennel name and our Skyes took part in our family life only.

Things changed quite a bit, when I brought home Finnsky Sunrise from Thea Dahlbom and Carina Kitti, Helsinki, in April 2013. Out of pure curiosity, I entered her to her very first show in puppy class and already got very promising comments. In her first Terrier-Specialty-Show in Reinsberg, Saxony, in February 2014, Rigani became Best Junior in Show and in July 2015 in another Terrier-Specialty-Show in Neckarsulm even BEST in SHOW.

Now, my father and me want to restart breeding healthy, typical and strong Skyes both in body and character. Our kennel name refers to the ridge Cuillin Hills on the Isle of Skye, home of the Skye Terrier. The Black Cuillins as part of this ridge are composed of basalt and gabbro, two materials who make them shimmer in true black and all shades of grey. The Black Cuillins are long and low, but spectacular and challenging - a bit like our beloved breed.

The kennel name Black Cuillins is internationally registered by KfT, VDH and FCI. We are breeding in accordance to the rules of KfT / VDH.

If we draw your interest to the Skye Terrier in general or our dogs in particular, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Finnsky Sunrise, August 2015