Black Cuillins  Skye Terriers from Saxony

Seasons Greetings

We wish our friends
a merry Christmas and
a happy, healthy new year.

German Winner & World Dog Show

German Junior Winner, BOS

11.11.2017 Leipzig, WorldDogShow
Judge Hans van den Berg, NL

Black Cuillins Aquamarine - junior class exc 3
Black Cuillins Aurelia - junior class vg

08.11.2017 Leipzig, GermanWinnerShow
Judge Falk Rüdiger Siewert

Finnsky Sunrise - German Winner, CAC, CACIB
Black Cuillins Aquamarine - German Junior Winner, JCAC, BOS
Black Cuillins Aurelia - junior class exc 2, Res. JCAC

Bundessieger-Show, Dortmund, 14.10.2017

Judge Mrs. Alekandrova, Ukraine

Black Cuillins Aquamarine - junior class exc1, Bundesjugendsieger, Jgd.CAC, Crufts qualified.


Show Results in August and September

Black Cuillins Aurora, 16 months

01.10.2017 Tulln, Austria
Judge Andrasz Korosz, Hungary

Black Cuillins Aquamarine - junior class, exc 1, Jgd. CAC, Bundesjugendsieger, BOB
-> Junior Champion Austria

30.09.2017 Tulln, Austria
Judge Jens Ruck

Black Cuillins Aquamarine - junior class, exc 1, Jgd. CAC, Crufts-qualified

30.09.2017 Eckerö, Aland
Judge Harri Lehkonen

Black Cuillins Aurora - intermediate class, exc 1, CQ, CAC, Res. CACIB, BB3

03.09.2017 KfT Specialty Show Dresden
Judge Peter Machetanz

Black Cuillins Argonaut - junior class, vg 1
Black Cuillins Aurelia - intermediate class, exc 1, CAC VDH/KfT, BOB

20.08.2017 CACIB Innsbruck, Austria
Judge Branislav Rajic

Black Cuillins Aquamarine - junior class, exc 1, Jgd. CAC, Alpenjugendsieger, BOB
-> Alpen-Junior-Champion

19.08.2017 CACIB Innsbruck, Austria
Judge Mag. Gerhard Pöllinger, Austria

Black Cuillins Aquamarine - intermediate class, exc 1, Jgd. CAC, BOB

13.08.2017 CACIB Ludwigshafen
Judge Margret Möller-Siebert

Black Cuillins Aquamarine - intermediate class, exc 1, Jgd. CAC, BOB


First time on podium

Black Cuillins Aurora

06.08.2017 Kuopio International Show, FIN
Judge Hans Almgren, Sweden / Simu Calin, Romania

Black Cuillins Aurora - junior class, exc 1,
Res. Best in Show Junior

06.08.2017 Kreuzlingen International Show, CH
Judge Viva Maria Soleckyj Szpunar, Poland

Black Cuillins Aquamarine - junior class, exc 1, Jgd.CAC, Alpen-Junior-Winner, BOB, Crufts-qualified


Show Results in July

During the last few weeks, we experienced some quite interesting Dog Shows. Some of them in great company of very dear friends. Those together with the whole team we would like to say a big thank you for the time spent together and all help. We also had some sun and water time. And now all show results which speak for themselves. Thanks to all judges for their critiques.

Black Cuillins Aurelia

30.07.2017 KfT Terrier Specialty Show Mittenwalde
Judge Elfriede Heidecker, Austria

Black Cuillins Aurelia - Junior class, exc 1, Jgd.CAC KfT/VDH, Best Junior of Breed, Best Junior in Show






Black Cuillins Aquamarine, 14 months

30.07.2017, Split Winner Show
Judge Monique van Brempt, Belgium

Black Cuillins Aquamarine - Junior class, exc 1,
Junior Split Winner, Best Junior of Breed
Finnsky Sunrise - Champion class, exc 1, CAC

29.07.2017, CAC Show
Judge Patricia Nemirovsky de Alsina, Argentina

                                                                        Black Cuillins Aquamarine - Junior class, exc 1,
                                                                        Best Junior of Breed
                                                                        Finnsky Sunrise - Champion class, exc 1, CAC, BOB

Finnsky Sunrise

28.07.2017, CACIB Show
Judge Birgitta Hasselgren, Sweden

Black Cuillins Aquamarine - Junior class, exc 1,
Best Junior of Breed
, shortlisted in mainring
Finnsky Sunrise - Champion class, exc 1, CAC, Res. CACIB

27.07.2017, CAC Show,
Judge Sanja Vretenicic, Montenegro

                                                                        Black Cuillins Aquamarine - Junior class, exc 2
                                                                        Finnsky Sunrise - Champion class, exc 1, CAC

Black Cuillins Aquamarine, 13 months

 16.07.2017 KfT Club Winner Show Alsfeld
Judge Julija Aidietiene, Lithuania

Black Cuillins Attila - Junior class, exc 2
Black Cuillins Aquamarine - Junior class, exc 3

15.07.2017 North Sea Dog Show, Dunkerque
Judge Hans van den Berg, Netherlands

Black Cuillins Aquamarine - Junior class, exc 1,
                                                                        Best Junior of Breed, Crufts qualified,
                                                                        in mainring shortlisted in Group 3


Second tracing test for Rosa

Black Cuillins Aurora

Black Cuillins Aurora - Rosa - has had her second tracing test today. She did very well and earned 44 out of 50 points in open class.
Already at 6 o'clock in the morning, it was very warm in the Finnish woods. But Rosa did well and won the first price in her class. When a dog wins first price in Open Class twice, he automatically gets switched over to the higher level - so called Winners Class. Rosa, who belongs to kennel Finnsky, is the youngest dog in this kennel, who starts in tracing tests and also youngest who switched to Winners Class. Rosa is just 13 months old.

During the test, Rosa suddenly made a 90 degree turn off of her track, went less than 10 metres and found these antlers of reindeer. She studies them for a couple of seconds and then returned to her track. Well done, my little girl!

Holidays on Adriatic Sea

Also Aurelia has spent some really nice holidays. She was on Adriatic Sea and sends some beautiful pictures. Enjoy!

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  • P1180327
  • P1180805
  • P1180871
  • P1180872
  • P1180808


Kilkenny All Breed Championship Show, Ireland

Kilkenny All Breed Championship Show, Ireland, June 25, 2017
judge Mrs. J. Hocking
Angus seems to enjoy shows - today he earned his first Green Star, one of seven needed for Irish Champion title. Well done, Liz and Angus!

Blackpool Championship Dog Show, UK

Blackpool Championship Dog Show, UK, June 24, 2017
Finally, Black Cuillins Admiral has been to his first show and brought home Exc. 1, Best Junior as well as Res.CC! Super, when you keep in mind, which dogs had been shown in limit and open class. He now is Crufts qualified. Big Thank You to judge Mr. Jeff Horswell for thinking so high of Angus. Big congratulations, Liz!

Annual Trophy Show Hannover

Annual Trophy Show Hannover, June 11, 2017
Black Cuillins Aquamarine - junior class, exc 2, Res. Anw. VDH/KfT
judge Mrs. Freerksen

North Sea holidays

Rigani, Allegra and Anton have spent some nice days on Dutch North Sea coast - wind, water and doves inclusive. As you can see on the pictures, all three had lots of fun and joy.

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  • IMAG2012 (2)
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KfT-specialty show OG Südwestsachsen

Black Cuillins Aurelia

KfT-specialty show of OG Südwestsachsen,
June 4, 2017
Black Cuillins Aurelia -
junior class exc 1, junior CAC, Anw. VDH/KfT, BOB


May 25 - May 28, 2017

Black Cuillins Aurora has had her first tracing test - the track was about 1 km long and 14 hours old. She earned 43 out of 50 possible points and won first price. Well done, little girl!

Black Cuillins Attila has earned his first junior CAC under judge Mrs. Kerstin Buss on KfT specialty show held by OG Darmstadt.

Black Cuillins Aurelia and Black Cuillins Aquamarine have earned more junior CACs under judges Mrs. Kerstin Buss and Mrs. Margret Möller-Sieber on KfT specialty shows held by OG Darmstadt and OG Rhönpforte. On Saturday, Allegra had been shortlisted twice and was amongst the three Best Juniors and three Best lowlegged Terriers. A big Thank you to both judges for their nice critiques.


International Dog Show Hamina, Finland

Black Cuillins Aurora, 11 months

International Dog Show Hamina, Finland, May 20, 2017

Black Cuillins Aurora earns exc. 1, CQ and Res. CC on her first official show under judge Mr. Martin Baskaran, Spain.


CACIB Erfurt

CACIB Erfurt May 7, 2017
Black Cuillins Aurelia -
junior class exc. 2, Res. Anw. KfT/VDH
judge: Walter Jungblut


Allegra's turn

Black Cuillins Aquamarine, 11 months (c) MF Mobiles Fotostudio Magdeburg

This month, it was Allegra's turn. She started at KfT Specialty Show in  Ludwigshafen. On both days, she gained the Junior CAC and BOB. She was shortlisted in honour ring of Best Juniors on both days and also shortlisted in Best Lowlegged Terriers on one day. A wonderful debut, despite the partly rainy weather.... Big thank you to judges Mrs. Sissi Dollmann, A, and Mrs. Galyna Kalinichenkow, UKR, for their nice critiques.


Show Debuts in March

Black Cuillins Aurelia, 9 months

Our little Aurelie was on her way to Lehre to the OG Asse of KfT and has won her first junior CAC and BOS there. Thank you very much to judge Frau Elly Weijenborg-Weggemans, NL, for her critique and congratulations to Aurelie, Conny and Ralf! Well done!

Rigani had gone a longer way to Birmingham to Crufts and has won a fourth place in Open Class there. Our focus was on taking part and meeting very good friends. We are happy about Res. CC for Riganis dam Finnsky Krystal.

Thank you very much to Heike and Lisa for your company on that trip. Congratulations to all winners.

News from Finland

Finnsky Krystal

Rigani and the Black Cuillins A-litter congratulate their mother resp. grandmother Wera (Finnsky Krystal) to her new title - Veteran of Veterans 2017.

The dogs, who take part in finnish shows, collect points during a whole year corresponding to their show result. At the end of the year, the best dogs with most points are invited to a special gala-evening - the Champion of Champions & Veteran of Veterans Gala. 125 Champions and 75 Veterans.

Kennel Finnsky had the honour, that three females of their breeding had been invited, one of them Finnsky Krystal. And she has shown her socks off and won the title! Again big congratulations to this special female, her breeders and owner.

By the way: Riganis sire Finnsky Fireball won the Title Champion of Champions in 2011 and her greatgreatgrandfather Rannoch Skye Superstar the Titles Veteran of Veterans in 1996 and 1995 as well as the Title Champion of Champions in 1990.

First Show in Kajaani, Finland

Lovely princess Rosa (Black Cuillins Aurora) made her debut in the show ring at Kajaani Int. Dog Show. With a very nice critique she won BOB puppy under judge Mrs. Marja Talvitie.
Congratulations to all involved.

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